Choosing the Correct Product
Tinted films can achieve different outcomes, so it is important to choose the correct film for the job.
Heat Reduction
Generally speaking the more reflective (externally) the tinted film the more effective the reduction of heat gain through the glass.  For example a highly reflective film (silver in colour externally) will stop up to 74% of heat entering through your glass areas when applied, whereas a very low external reflective film will only have the capability of stopping say, 49% of heat entering the same areas of glass.
Fade Reduction
All tinted films will eliminate in excess of 99% of UV rays; however this in itself will not reduce fading dramatically. Fading is a result of direct heat, light, UV rays and humidity.  Fading is also controlled by the quality of the dye in the item you are trying to protect.  For example if your home is air conditioned (which cuts down on humidity) and the item you are trying to protect is good quality and is light in colour (particularly not red) and you apply a tinted film with maximum heat, light and UV reduction, you can expect to reduce fading by around 75%. 
The lighter the tint and the less the heat is reduced, the less fading will be reduced.  In general, experience shows, that tinting your windows can extend the life span of your interior furnishings by 5 to 10 years depending on the quality of those furnishings - in some cases even more!
Glare Reduction
Obviously the darker the tint you apply the more glare you can eliminate!  For instance if you have glare on a TV or computer screen this can easily be fixed by applying a dark anti glare tint.
Tints when applied can give day time privacy, (you can see out but no one can see in) however at night when the light is reversed (it is darker outside than inside) you still need to use blinds as you will no longer have your privacy.  Frosted films are available for 24 hour privacy. These are similar to frosted bathroom glass and are suitable for use in wet areas.
Frosted film is easier to apply than normal tinted films and is very effective, as not only does it give privacy during the day and night - it does not stop the light passing through the glass. Frosted films are used extensively for bathrooms, entrance doors, adjacent glass areas and in office partitions. When applying frosted films a 10 mil clear glass border can be left to create the effect of bevelled glass.